Newfound Lakes on Mars will Make it Survivable?

Three lakes found in Mars
Three lakes found in Mars

As three salty lakes found in Mars reported in the research paper published Nature Astronomy journal on September 29, the question of the possibility of life on the red planet rises again. After a similar finding in 2018 of a lake with water by the MARSIS, a Mars Express orbiter of the ESA or European Space Agency.

The new research extended the 2018 observations from the previous 2012 to 2015 to the current study of observations from 2012 to 2019. The three lakes are spread over 75,000 square kilometers, and the largest lake is 30 kilometers long with a few kilometers width.  

The three lakes found on Mars is complex – Author.

Elena Pettinelli is from the University of Rome, and one of the authors of the research paper published in the peer-reviewed Nature Astronomy journal. She said that the research paper discovery mechanism as complex. Also, she said that though it was the same lake of water, we found a complex system of three more lakes surrounding the main lake. She continued that the researchers processed the data differently, with more observations by MARSIS or Mars Advanced Radar for Subsurface and Ionosphere Sounding. She also said that the new lakes under the Mars surface are similar to how lakes lie beneath Antarctica's ice sheet.

Though the research paper confirms saltwater in three lakes on the red planet, many scientists are not convinced. They contend that the red planet's climate will not allow water on its surface. But evidence of the research confirms water on the Mars surface in the form of substantial dried-out river valleys from time unknown. And this leads to the question of is life possible on Mars again.