NASA: Reason Moon Moves Away From The Earth

Image Credit: NASA Twitter
Image Credit: NASA Twitter

According to NASA, the Moon is currently moving away from the Earth at a distance of 3.8 meters per year. Experts have said that 'Milankovitch rotations' may be why the Moon moves away from the Earth.

Just as the Earth revolves around the Sun in the Solar System, so does the Moon, a satellite around Earth. Like Earth, planets like Jupiter and Saturn also have many moons. These revolve in a particular orbit. As far as the Earth is concerned, the Moon has an essential contribution to the Earth's temperature and climate.

Recently, scientists have discovered that this Milankovitch cycle path is getting longer daily. NASA scientists have recently discovered that the Moon is moving away from the Earth. It has been found that the Moon is moving away from the Earth at a rate of 3.8 cm per year.

This deviation has been going on for years. Scientists say the Moon has moved 60,000 km in 2.46 billion years. Scientists believe that the Moon's gradual movement away may cause changes in nature and weather. Studies are ongoing in this regard.