US Odysseus Update: The Moon Lander Goes Inactive After Tilted Landing

Odysseus Image Credit: X
Odysseus Image Credit: X

Odysseus gives its final farewell, going inactive after its tilted landing. The Odysseus moon lander is the first US spacecraft to land on the moon's surface after half a century. It was launched on February 15, 2024.

At first, the scientists had to overcome some of the communication and navigation issues in the lander. After it was resolved, the spacecraft was in good condition, sending signals from its radar.

Intuitive Machines

On 23 February, Intuitive Machines, which is the company that has developed the Odysseus spacecraft, said on its X page that the moon lander tipped over its sideways, landing on one of its feet. The developers found it before the spacecraft's landing, so they resolved this issue before it crashed.

After resolving the issues, the spacecraft has been sending moon's images while it was nearing the final hours of its life on the moon.  But the lunar lander was still operational. The scientists were trying to work on the lander's communication and solar charging abilities while it was working.

Goodnight, Odie: Odysseus Gives Farewell!

However, the spacecraft's battery died as it was unable to take on solar charging. So, the Odysseus Moon Lander loses power one week after its touchdown. Following this, Intuitive Machines said on its X page, "Before its power was depleted, Odysseus completed a fitting farewell transmission. Received today, this image from February 22nd showcases the crescent Earth in the backdrop, a subtle reminder of humanity’s presence in the universe.

Goodnight, Odie. We hope to hear from you again."

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