Corona Vaccine Is Not The Cause Of Actor Vivek Death

Actor Vivek
Actor Vivek

The panel experts have reported that Vaccine was not the reason behind the death of Tamil comedian actor Vivek. 

Due to a sudden heart attack actor, Vivek was admitted to Sims hospital on April 16. A day before that, he got vaccinated and requested the public also to get vaccines on time. 

He addressed the press and told the importance of getting the vaccination. He got vaccinated in government Omandurar instead of a Private hospital to spread awareness on Vaccination and COVID to the public. 

Following this the next day, he was admitted due to cardiac arrest. And the next day, on April 17, Vivek died even after intensive care. This incident brought fear among the common people, and the counts of vaccinations got reduced. The reason behind the death of actor Vivek was a big question mark.

Before the report could come, the public thought that he died due to vaccination. After six months, the expert panels have reported that the Vaccine was not the reason behind the death of Comedian Vivek. By this, the Central Government has once again assured that the COVID shield and Covaxin are completely safe.