Erode: 16 Year Old Girl Egg Sold To Kerala And Andhra Pradesh

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A piece of new information has come out in the Erode 16 year girl's egg sale case. This incident has brought a huge stir in the state. Many shocking information has come out from this case.

Police are investigating a complaint lodged with the Erode District Superintendent of Police alleging that a 16-year-old girl was sexually abused in the Erode district and her eggs were sold at a private hospital. Three persons, including the mother, stepfather Syed Ali and intermediary women, were arrested based on an investigation conducted by the police on the orders of Erode SP Sasi Mohan.

While inquiring about the girl's mother and stepfather, Syed Ali police received startling information. The girl's mother, Indirani, separated from her husband when her daughter was four years old and had been living with a painter named Syed Ali. Indirani used to sell her eggs to private hospitals. She did the same with her daughter soon after she reached the age of 12. 

It has been revealed that the stepfather Syed Ali had sexually abused the girl with the help of Indirani and helped to sell the eggs. They have been sexually abusing and selling their eggs in private hospitals for years. It is said that Rupees 20 thousand were bought at the time of sale of each egg. They gave 5000 rupees to Malathi, who acted as a mediator. They have also created fake evidence to show the age of the girl as 22 from 16 in order to get money by giving the egg. They have sold the 16-year-old girl's egg eight times like this.

Medical officials from the Chennai Medical and Rural Welfare Directorate arrived in Erode yesterday to investigate the sale of the girl's eggs. The team is led by Dr Viswanathan, Head of Medical and Rural Welfare, Dr. GS Gomati, Associate Director, Medical Welfare, Erode District, Dr. Malarvizhi, Obstetrician, Government Hospital, Dr. Kathiravan, Anesthesiologist, and Kamalakkannan, Senior Executive Officer, Medical and Rural Welfare, commenced the investigation.

The medical team went to a reputed private hospital in Erode, where the egg was allegedly sold. There, officials questioned hospital administrators, doctors and nurses. Authorities raised various questions on What are procedures followed when donating eggs at the fertilization centre? Is donation received after proper consideration of details, including the age and health of the egg donor? Are certificates of approval obtained from donors?

Police led by District Additional Superintendent of Police Kanakeswari visited the two hospitals at the Erode District Superintendent of Police's office yesterday to investigate the incident and investigated the hospital staff. Similarly, the state health department and a medical team of 8 people investigated the victim girl in the district health orphanage. Following the revelation that the girl's egg had been subjected to similar sales in various districts of Tamil Nadu, the medical team initially investigated two private hospitals in Erode and Perundurai.

It is now known that a hospital not only in Tamil Nadu but in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala and a hospital in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, is suspected of being involved in the incident.