19 Year Old Ooty Girl Died Consuming Mushroom Drug With Her Boyfriend

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Representative Image

A shocking incident took place in Ooty in the Nilgiris district where a couple aged 19 and 20 drugged themself, in which the young girl died.

20 year old youth boy named Akash was doing his studies at a private engineering College. He was in love with 19-year-old girl Riti Angel for five years. Angel's house is in the finger Post area of Ooty. She was studying in a nursing college in Coimbatore. She studied with Akash in class 10 in a private school in the same area.

In this situation, college vacation came for both of them last weekend. So they both decided to meet on Saturday. Accordingly, Angel came from Coimbatore to meet Akash at the Ooty bus stand. Akash took Angel on his bike and left with a bottle of alcohol to his home since there hos family members were out of town.

After going home, Akash and Angel spent time together and had alcohol. Since the alcohol wasn't enough for them to enjoy, Akash went on his bike again and brought "Magic Mushroom" from the pine forest near home. 

It seems that both of them had consumed it along with alcohol. Then, the intoxication took over, and both of them fell on the bed. The next morning, Akash wakes up sober and finds Angel not waking up from her sleep. As she had not woken up from the bed for a long time, he called 108 ambulances.

They rushed and examined Angel and said that she was already dead. After that, the police learned about the matter and rushed to the spot.

Angel's body was recovered and sent to Ooty Government Hospital for postmortem. Initially, the case was registered as a suspicious death. Following this 20 years old young Akash was arrested.

During the search, it was found that there were liquor bottles and drug mushrooms. They said that Akash has been arrested and is being investigated.

This case clearly shows that proper awareness of drug and alcohol consumption is not delivered to youngsters. It is mandatory to guide youngsters on the right path and make them understand the consequences of drug addiction.