Coimbatore: 2500 Celebrate 78th Oyilattam in Bommanam Palayam

Oyilattam Dance
Oyilattam Dance

Coimbatore and its surroundings witnessed a vibrant celebration on June 22nd as Sangamam Oyilata Kulu marked its 78th Arangatram with a display of traditional dance and community spirit.


Sangamam Oyilata Kulu Practice Sessions:


The practices for the events was started 7 months ago in  Bommanampalayam. The crew participants gathered on the ground, cleaned, and used the area for Oyilatam practice.


The dance rehearsals were held every evening from 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm at the ground. The dedicated team, consisting of 36 energetic children and 26 talented adult women, practised under the guidance of two experienced trainers. The trainers supervised the crew twice a week, while the crew practiced independently the rest of the time.


Sangamam Oyilatta Kulu:


As expectations built towards the main event, a trial run was conducted on June 19th to ensure the dance was perfect for the grand performance. The final event was held on June 22nd and attracted a large gathering from surrounding areas including Sennanur, Madampatti, Thaliyur, Alandurai, Semmedu, and Karattumedu.


The evening was filled with the rhythmic beats of traditional drums and lit by the sparkle of fireworks, creating a festive glow. The function was entertained from 4.30 pm until late at 11.30 pm.


Chief Guests for Sangamam Oyilatta 2024:


Along with the Oliyatham dance, the other highlight of the evening was the presence of esteemed guests Pathma Pusan awardee Bathirappan and Mayilsamy from Velanthurai, who graced the occasion as chief guests. Local political leaders also attended the functions and showed their support, highlighting the event's significance within the community.


There are over 2,500 people joined together to witness and celebrate the cultural richness and artistic excellence showcased at Sangamam Oyilata Kulu's 78th Arangatram 2024. The event not only showcased the talent and dedication of its participants but also served as a vibrant testament to the enduring cultural traditions cherished by the Tamil people.

What is Oyilattam?


Oyilattam, also known as Oyil, is a traditional folk dance form from the state of Tamil Nadu and it is performed by dancers who balance a pot on their head, moving rhythmically to the beats of traditional music.


The name "Oyilattam" is derived from Tamil words where "Oyil" means beauty or grace, and "attam" means dance. It is commonly performed during festivals and special occasions in Tamil Nadu. The dance helps people in different ways including physical fitness, stress relief, and togetherness.


Oyilattam involves active movements such as spinning, jumping, and rhythmic footwork, which contribute to physical fitness, stamina, and deftness.


Practicing Oyilattam helps preserve and promote Tamil culture and heritage, as it is deeply rooted in the traditions of Tamil Nadu. The dance was often performed in groups, Oyilattam promotes teamwork and collaboration among dancers, as they synchronize their movements and rhythms.


Like many forms of dance, Oyilattam can serve as a form of stress relief and emotional expression, allowing participants to relax and enjoy the rhythmic patterns.


In festivals and social gatherings, Oyilattam brings communities together, promoting social unity and a sense of belonging among participants. Learning Oyilattam involves mastering specific techniques and footwork patterns, thereby developing skills in rhythm, timing, and spatial awareness.


The dance is frequently performed during festive occasions and celebrations, and it adds to the joyous atmosphere and cultural richness of such events.


However, Oyilattam offers a blend of physical, cultural, and social benefits, making it not only a form of artistic expression but also a significant part of community life in Tamil Nadu.