3 Arrested in Chennai for Threatening YouTuber on Richie Street

YouTuber Nandha
YouTuber Nandha

The tech YouTuber Nandha Kumar was recently assaulted by three men in Richie Street during his Vlog. The Vlog posted on his YouTube channel gained attention from the public and went viral on social media.

Tech YouTuber Nandha Kumar recently faced a terrible incident during a vlog shoot on Chennai's well-known Richie Street, a hub for electronic goods. The YouTuber has a subscriber base of 1.56 million on his channel A2D, and Nandha Kumar typically focuses on tech-related content.  In his latest video, Nandha Kumar reached Richie Street which is a hub for electronic goods in Chennai to buy iPhone 6 battery.

During the vlog, Nandha Kumar and his friends met a disturbing incident when confronted by three individuals. One of them snatched Nandha Kumar's phone and threatened him. They were directed towards an auto where two others were waiting. The local thugs look like they consumed alcohol and there are alcohol bottles and weapons in the auto.

The Vlog was cut in the middle of their conversation and despite the assault, Nandha Kumar resumed the vlog, expressing his situation after the thugs left them. In his video, he said he never made a police complaint as he was afraid of the thugs.

The video, posted on July 7, swiftly gained attention on social media, drawing widespread attention and sparking outrage among the public. The incident prompted swift action from the Greater Chennai Police, and they identified the suspects as Sridhar, Parthiban, and Kishore from Perambalur and detained them.

The viral Video created a lot of frustration among the public as thugs freely roamed the city and assaulted the people. The incident has raised concerns about public safety and law enforcement in Chennai, and the public has started to highlight the need for security measures, especially in busy commercial areas like Richie Street on Social Media.