Are the rumors of districts to come under intense lockdown again real? 5000 cases today

Covid Inspection Chennai
Covid Inspection Chennai

Are the rumors of districts to come under intense lockdown again real? Rumors of some districts in Tamil Nadu to go for intense lockdown are spreading after the rapid rise of coronavirus infections. Even today July 21, there are nearly 5,000 infected cases in Tamil Nadu and 75 deaths. Though in Chennai, the infections are in a range of 1200, the adjacent districts have high infection cases. In Chengalpattu, which had 354 infections yesterday, today had 254 new cases, including its superintendent of Police Kannan. With the continuous rise of infections in many districts, now the people are worried about intense lockdown again in their districts.

Health secretary's family tests positive for COVID 19: Four members of the health secretary J.Radhakrishnan's family, have tested positive for COVID 19. His wife, son, father-in-law, and mother-in-law are now infected with COVID 19 and admitted in King Institute's government COVID 19 specialty center. In his twitter handle today July 21 morning, Dr. J.Radhakrishnan IAS confirmed the news and said that it is due to coming in contact with a close relative with COVID 19 ailments. Luckily for Tamil Nadu people, the health secretary is not positive to the deadly pathogen to continue his excellent work in trying all ways to control the COVID 19.

COVID 19 in Chennai: It was Dr. Radhakrishnan's efforts that Chennai, with more than one crore population, is having only half the infections now than it had in June. It is even after the tests increasing by three to four times in Chennai alone. Only this positivity rate going down with the increasing tests and discharges could help control the COVID 19 issues in the other districts in Tamil Nadu and India.

COVID 19 in Tamil Nadu districts: Though Chennai continues to lead as an example of controlling the coronavirus, it is fast spreading in the districts. Virudunagar reported 360 and Toothukudi with 269 infections. Tiruvallur is another district with a rapid rise in both infections of 366 and 6 deaths. While the infection is continuously rising in Coimbatore with 176, today and Tiruchy reported six deaths are increasing the worries of the people of Tamil Nadu.

With SRM hospital starting phase I of the human trials for the COVID 19 vaccine Covaxin today, it could be the only hope for the people if the rise of COVID 19 cases continuously rises in the future.