Actor Vijay Attempt to Meet Vijayakanth Before Death But Family Denied

Actor Vijay And Vijayakanth
Actor Vijay And Vijayakanth

Actor Vijay attended Vijayakanth's funeral on December 28. Then, fans and journalists surrounded him and tried to kiss actor Vijay. It is said that an unidentified person threw a sandal at him during the show.

Following the passing of actor and politician Vijayakanth, there was speculation as to whether actor Vijay would pay his respects at Vijayakanth's funeral. Some social media posted that Vijay had forgotten his past and how Vijayakanth had treated him.

But Vijay waited till 11 pm so that the crowd would be less, and they came to the funeral of Actor Vijayakanth. Vijay became emotional and cried after seeing the mortal of Captain Vijayakanth. Later, he spoke to the family and touched his glass coffin. 

After looking at Vijayakanth, he took a few seconds to walk back into the crowd. The video of actor Vijay touching the coffin is going viral on social media.

As much as the police and his bodyguards tried to keep Vijay safe, some people in the crowd did not mind and touched him. In this situation, it is said that a shoe was thrown at Vijay actor as he tried to get into the car. His bodyguard caught it and threw it back the way it had come. Vijay's fans and the public are saddened and shocked at this incident. He could not even pay his respects properly.

According to a source close to Vijay, the actor made several attempts to meet with Vijayakanth, but due to the latter's frequent medical visits, his family members were unable to schedule a meeting.