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Actor Vivek is Hospitalized After Heart Attack

Actor Vivek is admitted in a private hospital

Famous Tamil comedian Vivek is admitted to SIMS private hospital as he suffered from a heart attack Friday morning.

Doctors said that his condition is critical, as he is unconscious and the pulse rate is low. He is undergoing ECHMO. It is said that the actor fainted this morning and his wife and daughter rushed him to hospital.

Yesterday, Vivek got vaccinated in the government Omandurar hospital instead of a Private hospital to spread awareness to the public regarding vaccination.

He addressed the media and requested the public to wear masks and to maintain social distancing. In addition, he asked every individual to get vaccinated.

His health condition is critical, and it drooped his fans and the film industry. And the state is praying for his quick recovery. The tweets for his health are continuously popping on Twitter.

And in the recent update by Public Spokesperson Nikhil Murugan addressed the public and said, ' Vivek's gained consciousness, and his health is getting better. The doctors will perform an angiogram on him.'