Actress Gayathri Raghuram Announced Her Resignation From BJP

Actress Gayathri Raghuram And Tamil Nadu BJP President Annamalai
Actress Gayathri Raghuram And Tamil Nadu BJP President Annamalai

Gayathri Raghuram has announced her resignation from the Tamil Nadu Bharatiya Janata Party. Annamalai-led Tamil Nadu BJP has no protection for women. He has resigned from the party because he does not give equal rights and respect to women.

Actress and choreographer Gayatri Raghuram has been working with the BJP for the past eight years. She has now announced his resignation from the BJP. Gayathri Raghuram has left the party after raising the sensational view that there is no safety for women in the Tamil Nadu BJP led by Tamil Nadu BJP president Annamalai.

Gayathiri tweeted, "I have taken the decision with a heavy heart to resign from TNBJP for not giving opportunity for an enquiry, equal rights & respect for women. Under Annamalai leadership women are not safe. I feel better to be trolled as an outsider."

"Hurting others is not Hindu dharma. I cannot continue under Annamalai's leadership, Cannot expect social justice. Women, stay safe. Don't trust that someone will save you. No one is going to come. You are on your own. Believe yourself. Never stay where you are not respected.'

Following these tweets, many responses tweets are flowing. Gayathiri Raghuram is replying to the responses in her way.