Actress Jayalakshmi Arrested For Lyricist Snehan Foundation Issue

Lyricist Snehan And Actress Jayalakshmi
Lyricist Snehan And Actress Jayalakshmi

The Tirumangalam police arrested BJP activist and actress Jayalakshmi on charges of fraud and document forgery following an order from the Egmore court. She denied the case registered against her and refused to get inside the police van.

Allegations were made by lyricist Snehan, who claimed that Jayalakshmi was soliciting funds from the public under the guise of his trust, the Snehan Foundation. He has been running the Snehan Foundation since 2015.

This issue came into the spotlight when Snehan found out that his foundation's name was being misused. He brought the case to the police and the public on August 8, 2022. Before this, he sent a mail letter to the address on the relevant website two times asking for an explanation as per the law, but no response was received. 

Jayalakshmi denied this and said, "There is no truth in the complaint, this foundation belongs to me. Through this, I am helping poor children with my own money.

"Due to political vandalism, Snehan is trying to tarnish my name without proper investigation,". While both of them were filing complaints alternately, the Tirumangalam police registered a case and investigated it as per the court's order.

In connection with this case, the police raided Jayalakshmi's house in Annanagar, Chennai, yesterday. It is said that documents related to the trust were found. After this, the police said that Jayalaxmi would be arrested.

Jayalakshmi objected to this and was enraged that the police were arresting me, who had done no wrong to satisfy the DMK and the Chief Minister. Then, when the police tried to get her in the police vehicle, she said she would come in her car.

Serial Actress Jayalakshmi said, "I have not done anything wrong to the extent that the police refused to take me away in a police van. So I will come in my car. I will not escape. Let any police come along with me."

Lyricist Snehan clearly said that till date, he hasn't mentioned his political party name in any place and also didn't mention Jayalakshmi's party name. Only Jayalakshmi continuously mentioned Snehan's party name and criticized his party head's name. 

Subsequently, Jayalakshmi was arrested by the police and produced before the court, where she was ordered to be kept in jail till March 4.