Actress Shakeela And Her Step Daughter Sheethal Controversy Case

Actress Shakeela
Actress Shakeela

Actress Shakeela has filed a complaint at Kodambakkam police station that actress Shakeela's stepdaughter Sheethal assaulted Shakeela and Advocate Soundarya.

In this regard, Sheethal told the media, 'It is true that my aunt and I had a problem for a few days. She gets drunk and always talks bad about my family. She and I had many arguments. So I went to my mother. Then, my aunt forced me to come home through her friend.

I also went to her house because of the people who raised me. She also spoke very wrongly about my mother and sister. Immediately, I said, how can you talk like this? She beat me. I hit her in return. Then, my aunt's lawyer, Soundarya, asked me to apologize. I refused, and an argument ensued between the two.

Then she took an object in her hand and hit me. That's why I hit her. My aunt was sitting and watching all this with amusement. We hit because they hit, and we never hit anyone on purpose. We also apologized and thought we could end this problem. However, they have filed a complaint against us.'