ADGP Ravi Clarifies Case Against Child Porn Content Producers Not Viewers

ADGP Ravi Clarifies Case Against Child Porn Content Producers Not Viewers
ADGP Ravi Clarifies Case Against Child Porn Content Producers Not Viewers

For the past few days, Porn viewers have been gripped with the fear of police investigation if they watch pornography. There were many ways of threat through social media, print, and other means that people were scared to no means.

Now the ADGP of crime against women and children Ravi IPS clarified that case is not against viewing porn videos, and only downloading, sharing, and mainly making of child porn content will attract the POSCO act to imprison the offenders for 3 to 7 years in prison.

Porn website is the most searched across the world. With even the best of technology development, it was unable to be curtailed. The recent FBI report specifies, it is only against child pornography, and now ADGP Ravi in an interview to a private channel says the same thing among others which include

  • Action cannot and will not be taken against those who watch adult pornography
  • Social media including YouTube are wrongly portraying the activities as watching porn will come under police action
  • The move is only against child pornography and those who download it, share it and make it will be under investigation
  • Supreme Court is monitoring the police investigation against child pornography and reports regarding it are to be filed periodically to it
  • 155260 is the toll-free number to give details of kingpins who do the monstrous act of filming child pornography
  • Those making child to do porn and filming is a psycho and are sick people who need not be in the society
  • Tamil Nadu is the safest place for women without doubt, with Chennai and Coimbatore are the safest cities in India as per a survey a few days ago
  • More than 4 lakh people have downloaded Kavalan app in the last week and more than 15 lakh people so far
  • Not only women, older people, and children can utilize the service of Kavalan app
  • Only for a holistic approach to control child pornography even those who download and sharing it will be punished
  • Tamil Nadu police have bought 15 pink patrol vehicles from the Nirbaya fund 
  • A proposal worth crores of surveillance cameras is made in Chennai to utilize the Nirbaya fund proportionately
  • A new post of ADGP for cybercrime under whom three superintendents of police are formed to control cybercrime
  • Every district will have cyber crime police stations soon with the help of the Tamil Nadu Government funding
  • In the future, all the 1500 police stations will transform to cybercrime stations with the transformation of conventional crimes to cyber crimes
  • Appropriate training is given to the police to tackle cyber crimes
  • Those who downloaded and shared the child pornography for more than 100  persons will soon be investigated
  • No botheration about regular adult pornography by the police and only concentrating on the child pornography crimes