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Advocate Stickers Legal? Madras HC Bar Association Questions

Sticker BAN

The Madras High Court Bar Association has urged the Madras Traffic Police to withdraw the reference to lawyers in the notification banning stickers on vehicles.

The Chennai Traffic Police has warned that action will be taken under Section 198 of the Motor Vehicle Act if stickers such as Media, Police, Judiciary and Advocate are pasted on their own vehicles.

In this regard, High Court Bar Association President Mohanakrishnan, Secretary Krishnakumar and Vice-President issued a joint statement on behalf of the Tamil Nadu and Puducherry Bar Council; advocate stickers with their registration numbers are being issued to advocates. Advocates have reported that some people buy stickers sold on sidewalks and misuse them.

Further, the section mentioned in the notification issued by the traffic police is related to defective number plates, and it is not applicable to stickers.

Therefore, they requested that the correct section of the law be mentioned in the statement and that the reference made in the notification about advocates be withdrawn.