AIIMS Madurai Updates: Approved From SEIAA, Construction Begins

Madurai AIIMS Construction
Madurai AIIMS Construction

AIIMS gets the green signal from the State Environmental Impact Assessment Authority (SEIAA) to commence the construction work in Thoppur, Madurai.

AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences):

AIIMS is specialized in different medical specialties, including cardiology, neurosciences, oncology, and organ transplantation. There are 13 AIIMS institutions located across India, including New Delhi, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Jodhpur, Patna, Raipur, Rishikesh, Nagpur, Mangalagiri, Kalyani, Bibinagar, Gorakhpur, and Bathinda. In this situation, adding to the list, AIIMS planned to open a hospital in Tamil Nadu.

AIIMS In Madurai:

AIIMS was announced to build the hospital and institution in Madurai in 2018 and Narendra Modi, the prime minister set the stone to start the construction works in 2019.

State Environmental Impact Assessment Authority (SEIAA) does not permit the construction work, so the process was on hold. 5 years later, AIIMS got permission from the SEIAA, and construction works were started immediately.

AIIMS Madurai Budget:

The Budget for the total project is Rs.1977.8 crore and it is said that 82% of the cost will be covered by a loan from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the remaining will be funded by the Government of India.

AIIMS Madurai Construction:

AIIMS was provided with the land of 272 acres in Thoppur near Madurai and after being granted the permission, AIIMS ready to speed up the construction works and is planning to complete the work in 33 months. The first phase of the construction plan is predicted to be completed within 18 months.

In the first phase, it is planned to construct a building including a Medical college, hostels, an inpatient department, an outpatient department, and an emergency block.

The announcement from Madurai AIIMS director about citing Larsen & Toubro (L&T) the Letter of Acceptance (LoA) from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) on March 4, 2024, is a significant jump forward for healthcare infrastructure.

Following this, a crucial meeting was convened between AIIMS Madurai officials and L&T to discuss the contract's finer details and prioritize construction phases. Formalizing the agreement, the Executive Director & CEO of AIIMS Madurai issued the LoA to L&T post-meeting.

The project's expansive coverage is 33 months from the commencement date and signifies a complete effort to enhance medical facilities in the region. The JICA’s involvement in the AIIMS is expected to bring initiatives development in the area of infrastructure, the standard of medical education, and healthcare delivery.

The project signifies a major effort to improve medical facilities in the region and exemplifies the Central Government's commitment to bridging the healthcare gap in the region. The drones videos of the site has gained attention now.