Government seeks explanation from Anna University Vice-Chancellor ,Minister KP Anbalagan

 Government seeks explanation from Anna University Vice-Chancellor ,Minister KP Anbalagan
Government seeks explanation from Anna University Vice-Chancellor ,Minister KP Anbalagan

If Anna University hesitates to declare IOE status, the Sixty-nine percent reservation will become questionable. As a consequence, Entrance exams and additional fees will be charged. "Anna University does not require 100% special qualification", Minister K.P Anbalagan has stated on the part of the Government of Tamil Nadu. 

Minister KP Anpalaganon Anna University vice-chancellor letter:

The Tamil Nadu government has decided to reject the proposal for the institute of eminence status for Anna University, said Education minister K P Anbalagan.

Participating in government affairs in Dharmapuri, Minister KP Anpalagan told interviewers:

"It is questionable whether Anna University Vice-Chancellor wrote a letter about granting higher special qualifications. It has been reported that the reason why the Central Government is willing to give the Institute of Eminence status to Anna University is because of the importance given to higher education by the late Chief Minister Jayalalithaa.

If  IOE status is declared, the 69 percent reservation that the late Chief Minister Jayalalithaa has been battling for a long time will become questionable. The entrance test will be announced at the time of admission, and students will be charged extra. 

There is no need for Anna University to improve with the advent of specialization. We are improving all departments, including the engineering department at Anna University. The government has written a letter asking for an explanation for the letter written by the Vice-Chancellor.

The university is subjected to the government. We will write to the Central Government stating that high special qualification is not required for the university. If action is necessary against the Vice-Chancellor letter, We will write to the Governor.

The new education policy says that by 2035, higher education students will be raised to 50 percent. This year the percentage of students in higher education in the central government is 26. As a result of the late Chief Minister Jayalalithaa's tremendous effort, the rate of higher education students in higher education was 49% last year. We will pass 50% current year. The results show the great action taken by the AIADMK government for education.

We give a chance to the students who did not pass in the Plus 2 exams and immediately passed the exam by rewriting. Students who have not applied to government arts and science colleges can apply and join the colleges which have seats by the end of this month (October 31) ".

IGNOU deadline extended:

IGNOU has announced that the deadline for online admissions has been extended to October 25. The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) of the Central Government offers undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, postgraduate diploma, and certificate courses in various distance education programs.

In that regard, the last date for online admission for the July 2020 term has been extended to October 25. IGNOU University has announced that the previous day for enrolling in distance education courses has been extended in the interest of the students. However, IGNOU said the extension would not apply to certificate and semester-based courses.

Students can apply online at .To acknowledge the courses and admission details, visit the University's website