Apply E-Pass in Tamil Nadu 2021 - Instant Approval e-Registration

Apply E-Pass in Tamil Nadu 2021
Apply E-Pass in Tamil Nadu 2021

Tamil Nadu government has made an easy way to apply E-Pass registration for individual persons who like to travel within Tamil Nadu, from one district to another district.

Also to Individual/Group Coming Inside Tamil Nadu via Train/Flight, Commercial Establishments / Organization / Industries / Businesses / Traders / Financial Companies.

For individuals within Tamil Nadu, Medical Emergency, Elderly Care, and Death rituals are allowed. Please follow the below steps to avail your E-Pass registration in Tamil Nadu.

E-Pass in Tamil Nadu 2021: How to apply and Download, Step-by-step Guide

  • Click this URL which takes you to the official TN e-Registration website.
  • There is no registration with a password. Use your mobile number to get OTP for e-Registration.
  • Select the purpose of your visit.
  • Select the travel range.
  • Select Travel Date.
  • Upload the valid document if you have anything related to medical appointments.
  • Enter the respective person's name and upload the Aadhar card as proof.
  • Select the number of people traveling with the applicant and select the vehicle type.
  • Once complete the page 1, the next page will ask for the present address and travel address.
  • 3rd page will ask for the passenger's name, submit for Instant approval, and download the e-Registration form.