Bones of a Large Unknown Animal Unearthed at Keezhadi Archaeological Site

Bones of a large unknown animal unearthed at Keezhadi
Bones of a large unknown animal unearthed at Keezhadi

Keezhadi Archaeological Excavation has resumed after lockdown to find the remains of an animal. According to the chief of the excavation site, Deputy director of Archaeology department R Sivanandan, the found bones belong to a large animal.

After the fifth phase excavations around the cluster villages of Keezhadi, the sixth phase was commenced back on February 19, 2020. However, the sixth phase was forced to put off in the middle due to the Coronavirus lockdown.

The sixth phase excavation resumed on May 20 amidst the lockdown with some restrictions at Manalur village, which is one of the cluster villages of Keezhadi like Agaram, Keezhadi and Kodandhai. Piles of animal bones were excavated previously at the Keezhadi site and its cluster villages, but this newly found bones are larger than them and has different structure.

The excavation team believe that these bones could belong to a complete different animal which is not known to the current generation. Sivanandhan said that the excavated animal's bone would be subjected to further research to find its species related details soon.

Along with the animal bone at Keezhadi, an unknown furnace-like structure has also been unearthed at the Manalur site, and the excavation authorities are unsure of the structure. According to the chief of the excavation, the structure is made up of burnt clay. It has a 60-centimetre height and one diameter width.

They have planned to dig a trench alongside the structure to examine what it is as they doubt that this furnace-like structure might be a part of some more substantial structure.