Chennai: 2 Rottweiler Dogs Attacked 5-Year-Old, Owner Arrested

Two Rottweiler Dogs Attacked Girl Aged 5
Two Rottweiler Dogs Attacked Girl Aged 5

Raghu has been employed as a watchman at the Metropolitan Chennai Corporation Park, located on the Chennai Thousand Light Model School Road, for the past few years. His wife, Sonia, and their 5-year-old daughter, Rakshana, reside together in a small room close to the park.

On May 5, the guard Raghu went to Villupuram district to attend his relative's funeral. Only his wife Sonia and her 5-year-old daughter Sudhaksha were at home. Rakshana was playing in the park accompanied by her mother at the time of the incident. 

Meanwhile, yesterday evening, a man named Pugazhendhi, who lives near the park, went to the park with his two Rottweiler dogs. Neighbours said that the owners would not put a belt or muzzle (mouth cuff). 

Rottweiler Dogs Bite Chennai:

In this situation, all of a sudden, the guard's daughter, Rakshana, who was playing in the park, was severely bitten by the two dogs. The owner of the dog saw this and stood there doing nothing.

Mother Sonia heard the child's screams and saved her child from two Rottweiler dogs. Her mother, Sonia, was also bitten by the two dogs while she tried to save the dogs. The owner of the dog saw this and left the two dogs there and he didn't take any initiative to help them.

Small Girl Rescued from The Rottweiler Dogs:

The 5-year-old girl, who was lying in a pool of blood with a terrible head injury after being bitten by two Rottweiler dogs, was rescued by the people nearby and sent to the Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital, Chennai. The Thousand Lights police arrived at the scene and took Pugazhendhi to the police station for questioning.

Treatment After Dog Bite:

The dog's owner, Pugazhendhi, then said he would treat the child at his own expense. The child was immediately transferred from the Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital to the Thousand Lights Apollo Children's Hospital, where the child is currently undergoing intensive care.

Rottweiler dogs Owner:

Pugazhendhi runs a blood bank in this area. He breeds two Rottweiler dogs and sells their puppies. Both dogs have already bitten people in the area twice. The dogs even killed the chickens in the locality. Even after knowing this, the owner has brought the dogs without belts or muzzles.

The locals are scared to leave the house because of these dogs. The local people in that area said that there was no security and that we were afraid to even walk at night. They said that both dogs should not be bred in this area.

While going to the Apollo Hospital, where the child was admitted from the spot, the Thousand Lights and Nungambakkam police interrogated the victim's mother, Sonia. She is currently undergoing pediatric treatment in the intensive care unit at Apollo Children's Hospital.

Rottweiler Dog Owners Arrested:

The police have now arrested Pugazhendhi's wife and son. The case of dogs that are banned in India biting a child at home has caused a huge stir in the locality. Pugazhendhi has been taken for interrogation. 

Does Rottweiler Dog Banned In India?

In the month of March, the Central government has recently called for a ban on the import, breeding, and sale of certain dog breeds that have been associated with aggressive behavior and have caused deaths in the past. 

The banned breeds include Rottweilers, Pitbulls, Terriers, Wolf dogs, and Mastiffs, which are considered dangerous to human life. The move aims to address the increasing number of deaths caused by dog attacks in the country.