Chennai: Boy Aged 15 Taken Away By Transgenders And Operated?

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Sathya lives with her husband at Purasawalkam Ponnan Street, Chennai. Thangaraj is working as an auto driver, and Sathya is doing housework. They have two sons, Prem and Ajay Kumar.

In this situation, on December 10th, the mother complained to the police that some transgender people had taken the youngest son, Ajay Kumar (15) and turned him into a transgender and that the son should be returned. However, it is said that the police have not taken any action so far.

As a result, the boy's mother, Sathya, filed a complaint at the police commissioner's office. Later, she met the media and said, "On the 10th, 5 transgender people took my youngest son and pierced his nose and turned him into a transgender. When I went to see my son, they stopped me from seeing him.

They threatened to see me only for half an hour every day. They also said that they would take my son for collection. Later I rescued my son from the transgenders with the help of the villagers. Due to this ten transgenders, including Shaluma and Sreeni, came to my house and threatened to kill me.

They also threatened to pay Rs 5 lakh if I didn't hand over my son to them. Police should take appropriate action against the transgenders concerned," she said

Prem says that his brother's ears and nose are pierced, and the transgender people have beaten him and blackmailed him. He also said that the transgenders made chaos in their home at night by lifting their skirts.