Chennai: Class 10 Student Dies After Admitting For Stomach Pain

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Ramesh lives with his wife Vasanthi in Tondiarpet MPT Colony, Chennai and works in Chennai port. Their daughter is Nandini (age 15). She was studying 10th standard in a private school in Tondiarpet.

Nandini was born to them only after ten years of marriage. She was brought up with love, care and affection. Nandini was suffering from intractable stomach pain. For this, two days ago, she was admitted to a private hospital in Mannady, Chennai, for treatment. 

Nandini, who was undergoing treatment there, died yesterday without proper treatment. Shocked to hear this, the parents cried after seeing their daughter's body. Further, Nandini's parents and relatives besieged the private hospital and argued with the doctor claiming that Nandini died due to the doctor's maltreatment. 

The North Coast Police, who came to know about the matter, held talks with Nandhini's parents involved in the blocking protest. It is said that Nandini's parents lost their only daughter due to the unjust treatment of their daughter in the hospital. 

Parents say the doctors hadn't asked permission or anything before injecting the medicine to their child. They also say that Nandini was recovering well and suddenly died. They complained that action should be taken against the hospital management, so the North Coast Police are investigating this matter. It is also said that two patients died in the same hospital last week for the same reason.