Chennai: Racing Circuit Formula 4 Car Race Date And Ticket Details

Racing Circuit Formula 4 Car Race
Racing Circuit Formula 4 Car Race

The Racing Circuit Formula 4 car race organized by Chennai Corporation, Chennai Metropolitan Development Corporation, Tamil Nadu Sports Development Authority and Racing Promo Pvt Ltd will be held in Chennai on December 9th and 10th.

A night race will be held in a 3.5 km radius around the Chennai Island Stadium. For the first time in South Asia, the street circuit Formula 4 race is being held in Chennai. Tamil Nadu government has allocated Rs.42 crores to conduct the Formula 4 race.

Tamil Nadu Sports Development Authority has announced the sale of tickets for South Asia's first Formula 4 International Indian Championship and Formula 4 Indian Racing League night car races. It has been informed that those who want to get tickets can pay and make reservations on Paytm Insider. Tickets are sold at the prices of Grand Stand Rs.1000, Premium-Rs.4000, Gold-Rs.7000 and Platinum-Rs.10,500.

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