Chennai Rains: Basements in Velachery Downs To Ground, 2 Rescued

Representative Image
Representative Image

Chennai is experiencing heavy rains due to Cyclone Michaung. The heavy rain that started yesterday evening is continuing. Strong winds have been blowing since last night.

Due to the cyclone, trees have fallen in many places in Chennai, causing huge trouble. This has caused traffic disruption. Frequent current cuts have also become a heavy task at Chennai. The public has been advised to stay home safely.

In this situation, it is said that one of the basements in Velachery has come down to the ground. It is also reported that many people are trapped. Firefighters have rushed to the scene of the accident. Two people have been rescued, and one is being rescued.

The situation is getting worse at Chennai recently due to heavy rain. The photos and videos of the rain and flood go viral on social media platforms. Not only that, but the photo of a crocodile crossing the road goes viral on social media.