Chennai to Bangalore Double-Decker Train From Today !

Chennai to Bangalore Double-decker train from today.
Chennai to Bangalore Double-decker train from today.

Impending festive season cause masses in railway stations and Bus stops. To control the outspread during the travel, many safety measures were taken by the government. PM Modi requests people to obey the rules imposed by the government to restrain the further spread. 

From Today, Chennai Central-Bangalore Double Ducker special train will run to reduce the crowd in trains. Booking for the Double Ducker started yesterday.

According to the Chennai-Bangalore A.C., The Double Ducker Special (Train No: 06075) will leave Chennai at 7.25 am and reach Bangalore at 1.10 pm today.

Simultaneously, the Bangalore-Chennai A.C. (Train No. 06076) Double Ducker Special will leave Bangalore at 2.30 pm today and reach Chennai Central at 8.30 pm tomorrow.