Chief Minster Stalin And Governor Ravi In 164th Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Photo
Graduation Photo

The centenary celebrations of the 164th Graduation Ceremony of the University of Chennai began at 10 am today. The ceremony was presided over by the Vice-Chancellor of the University, Governor RN Ravi. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K Stalin participated and gave a special speech.

The 164th Graduation Ceremony of the University of Chennai is currently underway. In this, the Chief Minister and the Governor appear on the same stage. Chief Minister Stalin welcomed Governor RN Ravi, who was attending the graduation ceremony of the University of Chennai.

Following this, Governor Ravi took Chief Minister Stalin by the hand and bowed. MK Stalin gave a speech saying, "My heartfelt congratulations to Chief Minister Stalin, all the students who spoke at this event. 

Your future will be better. This degree is a foundation for the subsequent rise. The first university in Chennai was the University of Chennai. Many pioneers and achievers have studied here."

He continued, "You should read more and more without ending with this degree. It has come up with many programs to make it easier for people like you and the poor to get an education and get a job. The plan is to give women 1000 rupees a month to avoid interruptions. The Government of Tamil Nadu is making every effort to enrich education."

Chief Minister Stalin thanked Governor Ravi for his support of the good efforts of the government. Chief Minister Stalin's speech was so encouraging to the students.