Child Pornography in Tamil Nadu: Politicians Involved?

Child Pornography in Tamil Nadu: Politicians Involved
Child Pornography in Tamil Nadu: Politicians Involved

Child Pornography - A threat inflicted in the society with political personalities involved: It is indeed horrific to hear such incidents, and it is mind-boggling where the country is heading towards? The U.S has given an alarming report that Tamil Nadu stands first in terms of downloading and watching child-porn sites. The government has passed this information to Tamil Nadu Police.

In continuance with the same, Woman and Children Crime Prevention Unit head D.G.P.Ravi has announced that strict action will be taken against those who are watching porn videos. In fact, in social media for quite some time, these information related memes were repleting. DGP said he could get the IP address of those who watch the videos, and accordingly, action will be taken. 

This news has stormed many who watch such videos on mobile. In line with this, the police have arrested Christopher Alphonse on charges of downloading and sharing such videos on social media with his friends. 

Trichy Police Commissioner Varadharaju has ordered asst commissioner Manikandan and inspector Anandhavalli to inquire about this case. Along with Christopher 30, others have been tangled in this charge. Political personalities are also involved in this, and police inquiry is getting tightened. 

Christopher has been arrested and jailed. An expensive smartphone has been seized from him, and police have identified that he has a fake account in the name of Nilavan and circulated child-porn and related videos and shared with his 150 friends. For the past four years, Christopher was involved in this criminal activity.

Christopher has been married for more than ten years, and he has no child. Sources said that this stress had inflicted him and one of the reasons for this behavior-explicit. However, this cannot be construed for this ill-behavior. A lot of secrecy related to this is expected to be revealed. On his arrest, his wife has gone to her parent's home.