CM Stalin To Attend Drug-Free Tamilnadu Program At Chennai Art Gallery

CM Stalin
CM Stalin

The habit of using drugs is increasing among the youth even if the Government takes maximum effort. The Tamil Nadu government is taking various measures to prevent the sale of drugs in Tamil Nadu. Also, Chief Minister M.K.Stalin ordered to freeze of drug dealers' properties/ assets in yesterday's consultation meeting. 

In this situation, Chief Minister M.K.Stalin will inaugurate the 'Drug-Free Tamilnadu' program at Chennai Art Gallery today. Following this, he also started an awareness campaign against drugs. Also, all the students in Government, government-aided, and private schools will pledge against drugs today.

This Drug awareness is must need among school and college students because drugs like Cannabis supply are very high among them. The chain link is continuous; even if the police confiscate the drug, the supply is still continuous with another chain link. It is hard to know that few youngsters are planting cannabis at home and selling it to gain money.

At a very young age, school children are getting addicted to drugs. The consequences of drug addiction are still not known among youngsters. In yesterday's consultation meeting, Tamil Nadu CM Stalin ordered to freeze of the drug suppliers' assets. Police are said to take stern actions in this regard.