CMS College Student Rahul Wins Gold in Malaysia Silambam Championship

MJ Rahul
MJ Rahul

Rahul, a first-year B.Tech graduate, won the first prize in Silambam at the Malaysia International Invitational Championship 2024.

M J Rahul, son of Maruthamuthu, who hails from Marudhamalai, Coimbatore, is a first-year B.Tech student at CMS College of Engineering and Technology.

His college sponsored him for the Malaysia International Invitational Silambam Championship 2024, organized by the World Silambam Sports Association and jointly organized by M.G.R. Silambam, Malaysia, after seeing his strong determination towards martial arts.

Over 1,400 players from countries such as India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Sri Lanka took part in the competition. Rahul's passion for martial arts since 5th standard has helped him become a champion. He was trained by his masters, Thamaraikani, from the Vairavelkani Silambam Association and Saravana Pandian Gopal. During the competition, he won the first prize in Silambam and the third prize in karate.