Coimbatore Balloon Festival Entry Fee, Ride Fee And Show Time Details

Coimbatore Balloon Festival
Coimbatore Balloon Festival

Amazing Pongal vacation with flying-high moments is awaiting the Coimbatore people. Yes, most Coimbatorians are excited about the 9th Tamil Nadu International Balloon Festival, which will be held from 12 to January 16th 2024, at Pollachi.

The advertisements, posters and reels are hyping us to visit the place where the Coimbatore Balloon Festival happens. During this festival, the public can ride giant balloons from different countries. Also, you can see the beauty of Pollachi while flying in the sky.

Coimbatore Balloon Festival Dates And Time:

This balloon festival will be held in Pollachi for six days, from January 12th to the 16th. Giant balloons from more than eight countries are invited to Pollachi. The 9th annual balloon festival will also be held at Achipatti next to Pollachi this year. The Carnival Timings are from 2 pm to 10 pm.

The Tethering Rides start from 4:30 pm onwards. Limited Tethered short rides may be offered based on the wind conditions during the event. The Shape Balloon Show will begin at 6:30 pm, and the music show will begin at 6:30 pm and end at 10:00 pm. 

Coimbatore Balloon Festival Entry Fees:

The onsite tickets will be issued at the venue by 4:30 pm daily.

Balloon Festival Children Entry Fee (Kids upto 12years):

The General Entry Pass allows Children to enjoy the festivities for free, making it a perfect family outing.

 Balloon Festival General Entry Pass For Adults:

The General Entry Pass for adults costs only Rs. 150. It allows access to various attractions, including the Balloon Show, Food Court Zone, Shopping Expo, Kids Games Zone and Music Concert General Area.

However, the pass does not include seating for the music concert. Separate seating arrangements for the concert are available.

Balloon Ride Fee:

Tethered Balloon Ride costs Rs. 1600 per person (kids/adults same price), and the Marathon Balloon Run fee is Rs.699 / Rs. 599.

In Tethered Balloon Ride, the balloon is tied to the ground with ropes so it doesn't fly away. It takes people on a short up-and-down trip for a few minutes, just a little above the ground, around 60-80 feet high.

Coimbatore Balloon Festival Entry Fee, Ride Fee And Show Time Details

Coimbatore Balloon Festival Activities:

  • Pollachi Balloon Festival activities include:
  • A rope-tied balloon ride
  • A balloon run in 2024
  • A music concert
  • A DJ night
  • Helicopter rides
  • A shopping expo
  • Kids' games

The 9th Edition of the Tamil Nadu International Balloon Festival (TNIBF) is organized with the support of the Department of Tourism. Tamil Nadu will be a memorable moment for most of the Coimbatore people.