Coimbatore: Bharathiar University Security Killed By Elephant

Coimbatore Elephant Attacked Shanmugham
Coimbatore Elephant Attacked Shanmugham

In Coimbatore, an elephant that was roaming around the Bharathiar University attacked two securities in which one was killed and the other security was left with injuries. This news shocked the Coimbatore people and they mourned for Shanmugham's (dead) life.

The Incident:

Today morning around 11 am, a single wild elephant entered the limits of  Bharathiar University Coimbatore. Two security guards from the college tried to evacuate the elephant from the region. 

The elephant suddenly started to chase them which led Shanmugham one of the two fell and turned unconscious and breathless. Another security Suresh Kumar had injuries in his back.

The Death of the Security Guard:

After witnessing his condition the authorities of the Bharathiar University rushed him to the Hospital with their private vehicle. After reaching the hospital, it was found out by the doctors, that he was brought dead. His body was sent to post-mortem and the post-mortem results will be released soon.

The Elephant Visit To Bharathiar University:

After acknowledging the incident, the Forest department rushed to the location and chased away the elephant back to the forest. Yet the elephant came back to Bharathiar University within 30 minutes. 

The Forest Department is operating drones in that region to track the elephant, so they can bring a permanent solution to the issue. 

Bharathiar University:

Bharathiar University which was established in 1982 by the Government of Tamil Nadu was located on the outskirts of Coimbatore on Marudhamalai Road. 

The Marudhamalai area is often visited by wild elephants and recently there was a video going viral around the internet showing the herd of elephants entering the Marudhamalai temple and blocking the way to the temple.

The constant elephant roaming around the area caused a public disturbance and devotees visiting the temple were scared and unhappy over the situation.

Now, the death news of Shanmugham caused panic, especially to the people around Bharathiar University. The locals are concerned about the safety of the faculties and working employees in the campus. Locals are expecting the Government and the Forest Department to take necessary action soon over the issue.