Coimbatore: Class 7 Girl Harassed By Teachers For Consuming Beef

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Human Democratic Party General Secretary Tamimun Ansari has urged the police to arrest the two teachers who insulted a Muslim student in Coimbatore by saying that she is too attitude because she eats beef.

He said we would consolidate the protest if the two teachers were not arrested. Due to this, the issue has taken a serious form in Coimbatore. If the headmaster had taken action when the student and her parents had complained against the teachers initially, the situation would not have gone to this extent.

Thamimun Ansari has urged the police to arrest the two teachers who insulted a Muslim girl student in Coimbatore. The student's parents filed a complaint that Abhinaya and Rajkumar teachers at the NGO Nagar Government School told the 7th-grade student that if you ate beef, you would be more arrogant and made her wipe their shoes with the burqa.

The investigation has been intensified as the matter has come to the attention of the police and high officials of the school education department. The student's parents, who went to the office of the District Principal Education Officer, Coimbatore, filed a detailed petition about what happened to their daughter at the school.

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