Coimbatore: Continuous Death Of Devotees Climbing Velliangiri hill

Velliangiri Hills
Velliangiri Hills

The death of 3 pilgrims climbing the Velliangiri hill near Coimbatore in the last two days has caused a huge stir in the locality.

Devotees come to visit the Shiva Lingam, which may take the form of a Swayambu. From February to May 31st, devotees are allowed to climb the mountain. Recently, there have been cases of people fainting due to suffocation. Devotees are concerned about the lack of medical facilities to assist those who faint here.

Medical camps are needed during the season to prevent the loss of lives. In the past two days, three people have died after climbing Velliangiri hill in Coimbatore. Subbarao (57) from Telangana collapsed on the 4th hill, while Thiagarajan (35) from Salem collapsed on the first hill. In this situation, yesterday at 4 o'clock in the morning, Pandian (46) from Theni district was found to be dead. 

After this, the forest department brought his body to the foot of the hill and informed the Alandara police station, and the bodies were sent for post-mortem. Since last month, five people who have come to Velliangiri Hill have died.

Due to this, the forest department has issued a warning to people with heart problems, asthma, high blood pressure and any other conditions to avoid climbing the mountain.The weather conditions at high altitudes can be unpredictable. Sudden changes in temperature, rain, or strong winds can make the climb more difficult and increase the risk of hypothermia or dehydration.

There is a lack of medical facilities on the trekking route, making it difficult to get help in case of emergencies. This can be considered the key reason for pilgrims' deaths.