Anonymous Coimbatore Couple Donated Electric Fans To Hospitals

Coimbatore couples donated Fans to ESI Hospital
Coimbatore couples donated Fans to ESI Hospital

An anonymous couple from Coimbatore has donated 100 electrical fans to Government Medical College and ESI Hospital in Singanallur. The couple mortgaged their jewel to help the patients.

The government has announced not to use air conditioners due to the Covid pandemic, and the hospitals received 300 electric fans from the government.

But these fans were not sufficient for the patients in this climate. Patients were sweating during the hot sun, and the hospitals are already with many patients. 300 Electric fans were not sufficient for the patients, so the couples came forward to help the patients on their side.

The college authority initially didn't accept the donation, and later the couples made them understand the situation and made them accept the offerings. 

The couples mortgaged their jewel for 2.20 lakhs to buy the electric fans. This made the ESI  heads to think before getting the donation.

The couples said that they have no necessities of money currently, and since they didn't have sufficient money in their hands to buy the fan, they mortgaged their jewel.

It is happy to see such a young couple with helping hearts during this tightening period. The positive cases in Coimbatore are gradually increasing, but the death count is not at the high range.

Maximum patients are recovered and discharged. The vaccination and Covid testing process are already accelerated. There is sufficient oxygen support in Coimbatore, and there is no need for panic.

The climate of so hot, and the patients are stepping out of the hospitals to feel the breeze due to insufficient electric fans, but now the fans are sufficient. The couples said not to mention their name, and they wished to stay anonymous, and the ESI college authority didn't mention their names anywhere.