No More Quarantine in Coimbatore : Current COVID-19 Status

Police officers instructing covid19 Containment zone people in Coimbatore
Police officers instructing covid19 Containment zone people in Coimbatore

Coimbatore has been filled with asymptomatic patients who don't exhibit symptoms of the contagion. Initially, the Government permitted the asymptomatic patients to stay in Home quarantine, but now the option was revoked, and every affected person needs to linger in the COVID Care center.

No more Home Quarantine:

Originally, People who are tested positive as asymptomatic were allowed to abide home quarantine in Coimbatore. They have to isolate themselves from others to prevent spreading. Currently, 950 plus patients have been in Home quarantine. The district administration has found that many asymptomatic patients were roaming around the streets and violating the norms. The Government has not had enough human resources to oversee their activities. If they fail to follow the controlling protocol, it may cause an outbreak.

Subsequently, All the COVID positive patients, including asymptomatic, required to sojourn in nearby COVID-19 Care Centre for treatment, at least for a week. And these norms would not apply to those who are in Home quarantine already.

Isolation norms:

After receiving treatment for a week, if the patient tested negative, he/she could go home for another week of indoor quarantine. They would finish 14 days of quarantine it reduces the risk of an outspread. Also, The administration would allow people who have written approval from the Collector or Corporation Commissioner for Home quarantine. 

Already neighboring districts, including Erode, had dropped Home quarantine. Due to the escalating rate of corona cases in Coimbatore, it is mandatory to treat people in the isolated wards to make sure the infection control measure.

Coimbatore collector on overturned results:

As to improve the COVID facilities, Collector K. Rajamani ordered all the approved testing labs to obtain standard testing equipment for the exact testing results. This imposition was insisted to avoid overturned results.

The Collector directed the labs to distinguish samples from Coimbatore and other districts to assure Coimbatore cases and also asked them to submit both positive and negative results on the same day to have a clear idea of the spread.

Coimbatore COVID cases: 

As per yesterday's report, 5,546 people tested positive all over Tamilnadu. In Coimbatore, 572 positive cases were added to the total number 5119. They lost one person, and 534 were discharged in a single day. Totally, 425 people were dead by Corona infection in Coimbatore alone. Increasing COVID cases result in a hectic situation among the district.