Coimbatore: Fight Broke Between North Indian And Students At College

Representative Image
Representative Image

The incident of colliding between college students and northern workers near Sulur, Coimbatore, has caused shock.

Other state workers, especially north Indians, are coming to Tamil Nadu in search of Jobs. They can be seen here in many places where the workload is high. They work in hotels, construction, cleaning, security guard, companies and many other areas. Their population in Tamil Nadu is frequently increasing.

They work for very low daily wages, and at the same time, they try to complete the work as soon as possible. This makes the constructors depend on them. When there are so much of positives, there are equal negatives.

In recent days we can hear lots of complaints about Vadakans. The video of them engaging in a quarrel goes viral on social media. Meanwhile, a video of a controversial incident in Coimbatore is now going viral on the internet. 

The footage of a private college in Coimbatore's Sulur area, where people from the north entered with hard materials, is now going viral on the internet. More than 700 students are eating in the canteen located in that private college. 15 North State workers are working there. 

There was a dispute between the North State workers and the students in the canteen last night. Both sides attacked each other in this matter. Seeing this, the other students screamed and ran away.