Coimbatore: Pani Puri Worth Rs 30000 Seized by Food Safety Dpt

Pani Puri
Pani Puri

In Coimbatore, on Friday, the Food Safety Department officials seized pani puris valued at Rs. 30,000 during an inspection. It is also reported that the vendor has been fined 12,000 rupees for serving low-quality food.

Coimbatore Pani Puri Destroyed:

In a search in Coimbatore, officers discovered that some shops were serving inedible Pani Puris. They used oil that had turned black for cooking and even used bad potatoes. The officers destroyed the Pani Puris. In Addition to that, vendors found serving these unsafe snacks were fined Rs. 12,000.

Reason behind The PaniPuri Shop Search:


This action follows the alarming reports from Karnataka where samples of pani puri revealed cancer-causing ingredients. In response, Tamil Nadu's food safety department has launched extensive biological and chemical analyses on samples from various snack stalls across the state.

Recent findings from Karnataka have shown that 22 percent of pani puri samples failed to meet quality standards, posing serious health risks to consumers including cancer.

Artificial Coloring In Foods:

This situation happened before ended in the bans on artificial coloring in popular street foods like cotton candy, gobi manchurian, and kebabs. Specialists warn the people, that the danger rises beyond just food content if they consume food with artificial coloring.

The unhygienic conditions in stalls where pani puri is sold further elevate health risks. "The spices used in pani puri mixes may harbor harmful substances, and we've even observed vendors using colored water alongside puris," stated a food safety official from Thiruvallur.

After the raised concerns due to the recent survey of Pani Puri's quality, the public is advised to be careful when consuming snacks from roadside stalls. 

It is also said that immediate measures are being taken to relocate vendors from unsafe or unhygienic locations, ensuring public safety remains a top priority.