Coimbatore Murder: Man Murdered In The Court Premises In Detail


An incident in Coimbatore where a young man was chased away by a gang and hacked to death in a court complex has created a sensation.

This daring murder incident in the court premises in broad daylight has left the people of Coimbatore in a state of panic.

In this case, police sources said that five special forces had been formed to arrest the killers, which were identified based on video footage.

Gokul hails from the Keeranatham area of Coimbatore. Manoj hails from Sivananda Colony. Various criminal cases are pending against both of them. Both came to Coimbatore Integrated Court this morning to appear in a case. After waiting for their case to be heard, they went to a shop behind the court to drink tea.

Unexpectedly, a gang of 5 people rushed towards them and cut them with weapons. Both of them got scared and ran away to save their lives. However, the gang did not let go, chased them inside the court premises and hacked them to death. Seeing this terrible incident, the people there screamed and ran.

Gokul died on the spot in the incident. The race course police came to the spot and seized Gokul's body, and sent it to the government hospital for post-mortem. Manoj was seriously injured and admitted to the hospital. He is receiving intensive care there. Meanwhile, the CCTV video of the gang who hacked the duo casually walking away is going viral on social media.

In this case, it is reported by the police that the murdered Gokul had hidden a strapped knife inside his clothes. Hence, the police said that Gokul might have known in advance that some people would try to kill him. 

Hence, police suspect it to be a revenge killing. In this situation, Coimbatore police officials say that five special forces have been formed to arrest the murderers.