Coimbatore: MY V3 Ads App Down Following MD Sakthi Anandan Arrest

MY V3 ADS Protest
MY V3 ADS Protest

The MY V3 Ads app was blocked by the police last night, but it has been reported that the app is now operational with restrictions.

My V3 Ads became a hot topic when thousands of public stages protested supporting My V3 Ads at Neelambur, L&T bypass road, Coimbatore. People were crowded, and the police found it very difficult to control them. By seeing the crowd, we can understand the approximate number of the public who have invested in MYV3Ads.

Following this, complaints were filed against the MY V3 Ads last month. They complained that  My V3 Ads cheated the public by buying money ranging from Rs.360 to Rs.1.20 lakh. Accordingly, the police personally summoned the MD of My V3 Ads, Shakthi Anandan, to appear for investigation. 

After the investigation, Sakthi Anandan was sent back by the police. Sakthi Anandan said he did not commit fraud, and the complaint was filed unnecessarily. He also informed that investments have come not only from Tamil Nadu but also from neighbouring states. He also said that his company will continue to operate.

Meanwhile, many people criticized how this My V3 Ads company works. Most of the YouTubers said it could be a scam. In this context, Investors filed a complaint at the Coimbatore Police Commissioner's office yesterday, insisting that action should be taken against those who spread defamation against their company.

However, there was a commotion as they suddenly tried to join the dharna, saying they would leave only after seeing the Police Commissioner in person. The police then arrested Sakthi Anandan and hundreds of the public.

Meanwhile, his My V3 Ads app was also disabled by the police last night. Due to this, those who invested in it got confused. After a few hours, the app worked. The app has started working again since this morning. At the same time, restrictions have been imposed so that no one can join it. It has been modified so that only those who are already members can use it.

My V3  Ads investors are tense about what will happen and how this case will proceed. YouTubers are warning the viewers to be cautious about the MLM scam in future.