Coimbatore: Thousands Gathered In Support Of MLM Company My V3 Ads

MY V3 ADS Protest
MY V3 ADS Protest

Thousands of people gathered in Coimbatore in support of the Online Application MLM company MY V3 ADS. Coimbatore Central Crime Branch Police registered a case and investigated the complaint against the MLM company.

Online Scammers: 

With the widespread use of smartphones among the public, incidents of online extortion have been on the rise. Scammers claim they can provide large amounts of money by watching YouTube videos. As a result, cybercrime experts are advising the public to exercise caution when using online applications.


Many people may have noticed others watching ads and earning money on the bus or in public places. One such company is MLM (MY V3 ADS). Recently, there was a complaint that thousands of people were deceived by being promised money for watching ads on YouTube in Coimbatore. The Coimbatore police have registered a case on this matter.

Public Support To MY V3 ADS:

In this situation, A large number of people have assembled at the Neelampur L&T bypass area in Coimbatore, causing commotion as they arrive on buses from different places. Over a thousand people have gathered to protest against a false case filed against an online app that helps them earn income. The public says that they have gained up to 5 lakhs by My V3 Ads. People have gathered in support of My V3 Ads company in the Coimbatore L&T Bypass area after the police filed a case.

My V3 Ads company MD Audio:

In this case, the related My V3 Ads company MD has released an audio. He said, "First of all, I would like to make an important request to the police. Our company is not in any way responsible for the gathering of people in Coimbatore today. Due to the false case against our company, people have spontaneously gathered.

All the people planned to gather at the Coimbatore District Collectorate. Coimbatore will come to a standstill if everyone gathers at the Collector's office. I mentioned this information to the Coimbatore Commissioner's Office and got no response. After that, I told our My V3 people to come to the L&T bypass area so that no one was disturbed. 

Imagine what would have happened if this crowd had gone to the Collector's office. In fact, due to social concerns, people have flocked to this area so as not to suffer.

To the ruling class, the people were desperate to express their grievances. I told them the L&T bypass section to show them a place. Otherwise, we do not proceed with any matter. By the way, I switched off my cell phone yesterday. I did so because they would ask me where I should come to protest against the fake case against the company. I have also asked our directors to switch off their phones.

We have handled such a sensitive environment resourcefully. After people gathered at the L&T Bypass area, I told them to report to the local police station. It is not right to harass those who came to say that. Information comes to prevent people from entering. People would gather, report to the district collector and disperse. When that is the case, it is wrong to think of stopping them from letting them go. When you leave people alone, you never know what they will do."

My V3 ADS Protest:

Also, the MD of My V3 Ads company visited the crowded L&D bypass area. He said that people have come spontaneously as false cases have been registered against them due to political pressure, and he has come to participate with them.