Coimbatore: Two Youths Arrested For Cannabis Possession In Race Course

Youths Arrested For Drug Usage
Youths Arrested For Drug Usage

The police caught two youths red-handed for having possession of Marijuana (ganja). The youths were caught by the Coimbatore police on Sunday at Racecourse.

On Sunday evening, Officer KP Nivetha from the static surveillance team (SST)  conducted a vehicle check on the Scheme Road in Racecourse. The officers found Cannabis in the luxury car worth 30 grams. The person involved in the marijuana possession is Gokula Krishnan, 27, Salem and Surya, 25, Sai Baba Colony, Coimbatore

R Arjun Kumar, the inspector of the Racecourse arrested the duo under section sections 8 (c), read with 20 (b) (II) (A) of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act. The final decision for the case will be made after all the legal actions are completed.

In today's society, drug use among young people has become normalized. It's important for youth to acknowledge the dangers of drug addiction.