Coimbatore: Anna Statue to Avinashi Road Alternative Route

Traffic Advisory
Traffic Advisory

The Avinashi Road flyover construction work in Coimbatore has led to significant traffic congestion in the area. In order to mitigate the traffic, alternative routes have been established to divert vehicles away from the areas.

As the construction work on the Avinashi Road flyovers continues, the diversion of traffic is essential, and the following are the new routes that have been designated to accommodate the redirection of vehicles.

Route From Anna Statue to Avinashi Road:

  • Take a right turn at Lakshmi Mill Junction.
  • Proceed via Puliyakulam.
  • Take a left turn at Ramanathapuram Junction onto Trichy Road to reach Avinashi Road.

To Continue On Avinashi Road:

  • Take a left turn at Pioneer Mill.
  • Use the railway flyover.
  • Follow Water Pandal S Bend to Tidal Park.
  • From there, choose either Codissia or Kalapatti routes to reach Avinashi Road.

Route From Singanallur to Avinashi Road:

  • Instead of Kamarajar Road, use Ondipudur and L and T Bypass Road from Singanallur Junction.

Traffic Advisory:

  • Motorists are advised to use Sathiyamangalam Road and Trichy Road for the next two weeks to avoid traffic congestion.

Coimbatore city police advised the drivers to follow these routes, that have been established to manage traffic flow during the flyover construction period effectively.