College Girl Accuses Neeya Naana Anchor Gopinath Over Fake Promise

Neeya Naana Participant Nisha And Gopinath
Neeya Naana Participant Nisha And Gopinath

A video of a girl accusing Neeya Naana show anchor Gopinath is going viral on social media. 

Neeya Naana has been popularly telecasted on Tamil TV for more than 16 years every week, as this program discusses various angles and handles them properly. Gopinath became the favourite anchor and even inspired the youngsters through this channel.

In this case, a video has gone viral on social media where a woman named Nisha said that anchor Gopinath failed to keep his promise. That is, in a 2016 Neeya Naana show, when an old man spoke of struggling for his granddaughter's education, and there was still 26,000 to be paid for the college fee, Gopinath suddenly said on stage, "Don't worry grandpa, I will pay the rest of the money."

Believing this, the student Nisha initially called Gopinath's manager twice or thrice, but the manager said Gopinath was busy and disconnected the call. Later, Nisha did not want to bother those who came to help her, so she waited for Gopinath to call her, but even after several months, she didn't receive a call from them.

In the video, Nisha shared that she has discontinued her studies and is looking for a job. She also said in the video that she cares for her grandparents. She also said thank you to Gopinath for telling her that he would financially support her studies. During the video, Nisha requested Gopinath to make promises only if he could keep them perfectly.

Neeya Naana Nisha's video, which was published years back, is currently going viral on social media. It is expected that anchor Gopinath will respond to this video.