Chennai: College Girl Runs Prostitution With Her Boyfriend Arrested?

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Representative Image

The police arrested an engineering college student who was running a prostitution business in Chennai. The boyfriend forced the innocent girls into prostitution and escaped from the police.

The anti-prostitution division police operating under the Central Crime Branch of Chennai conducts sudden raids in lodges and hostels based on confidential information and arrests sex brokers.

The anti-prostitution police received a tip that prostitution occurred in a luxury hotel in Egmore, Chennai. After receiving the information, the raid was conducted by the police.

During the investigation, it was confirmed that three young women were locked up and engaged in prostitution. The police rescued the three women. A female broker Jayapratha (20), and another broker, Premdas (30), from Puducherry, were arrested for running a prostitution business there.

Meanwhile, shocking information was revealed in the investigation about the arrested Jayapratha. The police were shocked to hear that Jayapratha was a 3rd-year engineering college student in Chennai and that she had been engaged in prostitution with her boyfriend for the past three years and had just been arrested.