COVID 19 Updates: COVID Cases Are Decreasing In Tamil Nadu

Covid cases are declining in Tamil Nadu
Covid cases are declining in Tamil Nadu

Less than one lakh daily corona infections have been confirmed in India on the 14th day. However, Corona infection has been confirmed in 2.99 crore people in India so far.

According to a statement issued by the Union Ministry of Health Department today (21.06.2021), the incidence of corona infection in India has risen to 2,99,35,221. Corona infections were confirmed in 53,256 people in a single day yesterday.

In one day, 78,190 people in India recovered from corona infection. This brings the total number of survivors so far to 2,88,44,199.  Thus the recovery rate from corona infection is 96.27 per cent. Similarly, the death toll is 1.29 per cent. In India, 1,422 people died in Corona in a single day yesterday.

Thus far, the total death toll from Corona has risen to 3,88,135. In addition, 7,02,887 people are being treated for Corona across the country. Lockdown has been relaxed in few states where the cases are getting reduced.The total number of positive cases in Tamil Nadu in the last 24 hours is 7,817, with a death count of 182 and 17,043 patients who have recovered and discharged. As per the data given by the health department, 17,043 are under treatment.

The cases seem high in Coimbatore (904) and Erode (870) when compared to other districts. The death counts are high at Coimbatore (17), Erode (15), Chennai (14), Salem (15), Namakkal (10) and Trichy (13). The cases were decreasing after the implementation of the complete curfew. The difference was seen in maximum as the peaking cases drop-down at Chennai with a comparable difference.

The public showed more interest in getting vaccinated, and that is one of the main reason behind the decline of Covid cases across the state. The vaccines were going to waste during the initial process of vaccination progress, but later the vaccines were under shortages.

The proper awareness was delivered in many rural areas, and so the people started to vaccinate. People were standing in line day and night in order to get vaccinated. But to notice, there are still few people who are not ready to get vaccinated due to fear and rumours.

The main challenge is to increase the purchase of vaccines as well as increase distribution and use. Nearly 6 per cent of the vaccines distributed to states so far have been wasted. The central government plans to distribute 2016 crore vaccines in India by the end of this year. But it is expected with some delay.