Covai Govt Medical College Dean Ashokan Transferred due to PG Doctors complaint

Covai Govt Medical College Dean Ashokan Transferred
Covai Govt Medical College Dean Ashokan Transferred

Covai Govt Medical College Dean Ashokan Transferred due to PG Doctors complaint. Tamil Nadu Government and Health department took immediate action after completes their investigation from PG Doctors and other COVID Duty doctors. 

Apart from the public being affected by CoronaVirus contagion, it is now the doctors who allegedly get the disease while carrying out their duties. Similarly, two Postgraduate Doctors from Coimbatore Medical College have reported Covid-19 positive recently after being home quarantined for a while due to fever and cold symptoms. Now both the PG doctors of around 25 and 29 are under isolation in Coimbatore ESI Hospital.

A shocking report claimed that the two doctors are helpless without medications even after the confirmation of CoronaVirus as positive. The PG doctors seeked medication help from the senior doctors via WhatsApp group, who is responsible for taking care of PG Doctors.

Senior Doctors are the people who make COVID 19 schedule, accommodation arrangements during COVID duty and also accommodation facilities after COVID as quarantine period, Dean and the Medical superintendent. But the senior doctors' act and response is unacceptable in this inevitable situation.

Deepening what happened, it seems that the PG doctors who tested COVID positive looked for Hydroxychloroquine due to the fever. But out of doing help, the Senior doctor removed them from WhatsApp group with a warning not to put up these kinds of issues. Meanwhile, the doctors from the same medical college in WhatsApp group, on the other hand, are extremely upset and angry.

Group of other doctors from Coimbatore Medical College started asking questions to the superiors to help the PG doctors who got infected. Also, when the cook heard the news of the PG doctor's infection, they escaped from the place, and till 10.30 am they did not even get the food supplies. 

After knowing all these via WhatsApp group, other Coimbatore Govt medical college doctors took action immediately and exposed to other medical college doctors in Tamil Nadu to get support and also informed to DME in Chennai.

PG doctors are from Govt Medical College, not from ESI Medical college. Coimbatore Govt Medical College Dean Ashokan and the Medical superintendent, who was supposed to provide complete care to their own college Doctors, now failed to react. Since they failed, which leads them in the transfer because of no proper plan was scheduled to the doctors who go to Covid19 duty at ESI hospital, as per source information.

"If not this, then What? "A serious question arises in every mind of the common public after watching the helpless situation to the doctors itself. Apart from this PG doctors issue, there have been several complaints from Coimbatore duty concerned Health Department officials, but nothing seems to have happened from the ground.

Hearing the seriousness of the outbreak in Coimbatore by DME Chennai, New Dean Dr. Kalidhas from the Department of Social and Preventive Medicine have been appointed immediately to handle the sensitive issue among doctors. 

It is because the existing dean in Coimbatore was appointed as special officer to Chennai, transferred due to issues raised by PG doctors during issues in Coronavirus quarantine facilities.