CoVid-19 Check up in Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly

CoVid-19 Check up in Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly
CoVid-19 Check up in Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly

A new lockdown has been implemented in the four districts of Tamil Nadu from today and lasts for about 12 days till the end of June. Chennai, Chengalpattu, Kanchipuram and Thiruvallur are the top CoVid affected cities in the State which stepped into quarantine mode this morning.

Poverty and Hunger are the two unbearable things which doubles in the lockdown period. Due to the severity of the lockdown, Chief Minister Edappadi K. Palanisamy ordered the public to provide free food in the Amma Canteens of 4 locked districts.

Crossing about 50,000 positive cases and 580 deaths, Tamil Nadu is facing the critical CoVid State, members of the Legislative Assembly are being checked for CoronaVirus due to the sudden death of the Personal Secretary in the Assembly.

It is expected that more cases might have spread from the Secretary. To overcome further deaths due to the novel CoronaVirus inside the Legislative Assembly, cleaning up is widely being carried along with individual testing of all the office members, Secretaries and Members of Legislative Assembly.

Moreover, Madurai Collector has strictly ordered not to permit the vehicles from Chennai city today due to the travel history of 27 affected people who came from Chennai to Madurai. The above number of people has been now quarantined in Madurai and further tests will be onboard based on the severity of the people.

Vaccines are the only expectation to destroy the novel CoronaVirus and 12 companies of varied countries are vigorously in the making process and different stages to find the vaccination. Moderna of all set to start the clinical trial for nearly 30,000 after the completion of the second stage.

Likewise, another Biotechnological organizations like BioNTech and NovaVax are in the second stage of Vaccinology. Clover Biopharmaceuticals is involved in the process of developing a vaccine by taking a protein from CoronaVirus. It advises to intake GSK founded medicine to get better results.

Researchers from Imperial College in London experiments RNA for CoVid medicine. Also, the AstraZeneca company is busy developing vaccines based on the Chimpanzee AdenoVirus in association with Oxford University in Brazil and England.

Chinese based organizations like CanSinoBio, Jinovac are highly in the development of vaccines after the success of the first two stages. Government based pharma Sinopharms in China is highly engrossed in detecting a vaccine for the inactivation of CoronaVirus.

However, vaccine development involves several viral processes like authentication by testing in animals, demographical testing followed by testing above 1000 peoples and finally, to drive a conclusion about the quality to cure the essential illness.