COVID 19 deaths cross 1,000 in Tamil Nadu, what next due to coronavirus?

Medical Team undergoing area wise inspection in Chennai
Medical Team undergoing area wise inspection in Chennai

COVID 19 deaths cross 1,000 in Tamil Nadu, what next due to coronavirus is the big question now: Tamil Nadu death tolls cross 1000, and all the districts reported infections today. What next due to this coronavirus is the big question now for not only people in Tamil Nadu but also for India and the world. With crossing five lakhs infection cases and more than 15 thousand deaths, it is becoming alarming in India.

And Tamil Nadu is in the third-worst position with more than 78,000 cases with having the highest infections of 3,713 persons. Now the sword above the head of the lockdown again in Tamil Nadu is the talk of the town.

Chennai one of the ten cities with more than 54 % of infections in India: With more than 51,699 infections, Chennai is ranked third in the top ten cities in India, which account for more than 54 % of its total infection cases. Also, the big worry is that a 33 years old man admitted on June 17 without any comorbid condition died June 26, in Chennai.

More than 100 such cases are in the total tally of 776 deaths in Chennai, the lion's share of 1025 in the whole of Tamil Nadu state. In a recent development, many parts of the Manali zone in Chennai have crossed the 1,000 infection cases. If the authorities led by Dr. J. Radhakrishnan are doing their best to control infection in one zone, infections in the other places prop up.

With today's tally of 1,939 cases, it has also taken to an alarming situation of reducing beds for the COVID 19 patients in Chennai, which could become a catastrophe.

Coronavirus in Tamil Nadu districts: If even in a highly sophisticated Chennai district is to be without beds soon, what will happen in the cases of other districts is the worry for everyone now. In many districts, people for emergencies like snake bites also have to travel for hundreds of kilometers for treatment.

And if the coronavirus spreads in the districts, it will be a pathetic situation and could lead to a tremendous increase in the number of deaths due to COVID 19. Out of the 3713 reported cases today in Tamil Nadu, the other districts apart from Chennai account for 1,774 cases. It is almost 60: 40 for Chennai and other districts, which was up to a week back was only 80:20.

Districts with huge coronavirus spike in Tamil Nadu: The three surrounding districts of Chennai have their share of infections Chengalpattu was the exception and included

Chengalpattu - 248 , Kancheepuram - 98, Tiruvallur - 146

Also, there was a massive spike in Madurai of 218 cases reported today, which justifies the intense lockdown. As far as the other extreme lockdown district Theni had a modest of 37 infections. The other districts with a rise in infections include

Coimbatore - 33 , Dindigul - 26, Kanyakumari - 32, Krishnagiri - 26, Nagapattinam - 31, Ramanathapuram - 101, Ranipet - 96, Salem - 34, Sivagangai - 29, Tiruvannamalai - 127, Tiruvarur - 46, Toothukudi - 43, Tiruchy - 31, Vellore - 118, Villupuram - 62

All have to wait until Monday to know the status of the lockdown is for specific districts or the whole state. After meeting the expert panel, the Chief Minister will announce the continuance of lockdown 5.0 along with details of intense lockdowns. In these uncertain times of the corona crisis, it is for the people to be safe or face the consequences.