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COVID 19 Update March 24 : Resume of Online Classes

Students are back to Online Classes due to Increasing Corona

The rapid increase of the Coronavirus in Tamil Nadu closed the doors of Schools and Colleges again. The number of students and teachers who tested positive are increasing in recent days. The virus started to spread to the family and the living circle.

The schools of Thanjavur has continuous positive cases in the last 15 days. And the schools are colleges were ordered to close back by the Government. If the schools are opened after the order, then the necessary actions will be taken. The Government has ordered to conduct online classes for the students regularly.

Chennai and Coimbatore have three-digit counts of new cases every day, and health secretary J. Radhakrishnan has announced to accelerate the speed of testing in these two places. In every meeting, he requests the public to wash hands and wear the mask, maintain social distance to get sanitized.

The increasing of Covid cases has become challenging for the front liners and to the health department. According to yesterday's report, 1437 cases were tested positive, where Chennai has 532 new cases, Chengalpattu tested 149 new cases, and Coimbatore has 146 new positive cases.